Tree Book

In our LA class, we have been working on our Tree Books. These are foldable books made that we decorated from paper with special prints from different items from nature. We collected items from nature and then put them on a piece of paper and printed over, this made really cool prints which we put on our books. All of the prints made a really cool abstract design, on which we put poems.

We made 3 poems, Salute To My roots, Life List, and When This is Over poems. Salute To My roots was a poem giving a shoutout to someone great in your life that taught you something important or was a big factor in your life. I wrote mine about my grandpa and him teaching me about baseball, which was very important to me. A life list is anything in the world that you want to do in your life, it can be in 10 years or tomorrow. When This Is Over was about when Covid-19 is over what it will be like without it, what we will miss, and what we will not miss.

We got to display them at Frank Gallery once they were done, they were all beautiful.

Stock Project

Recently at school, we did a stock market project in our 6th grade Langauge Arts class. One of the reasons we did this project is because The Westing Game, a book we are reading in class has a character, Turtle Wexler. Turtle westing in the game invested in stocks, so we tried to invest in stocks, like Turtle. We had a $20,000 budget and you could invest in up to 5 stocks. In a spreadsheet, we listed the stock, how much it was for a stock, and how many shares you would want to buy. Using formulas in the spreadsheet once we checked it and put the new price in, it would calculate how much money we gained/lost. This made it so that every week we checked the stock, see the gain/deficit, and put on our index card showing our company’s logo and our total gain/loss.

Here are some of the stocks and why I invested in them.

I invested in Netflix because it is a popular streaming service.

I invested in Moderna because of the second and third booster

I invested in Walt Disney company because movie theater movies are becoming more popular because covid is slowing down.

I chose southwest airlines because Covid is slowing so there is safer travel.

I chose BRK-B because it is a reliable stock.

During this project, I learned that stocks can change at any moment, so we had to be careful with what we invested in. You can make a lot of money and you can also lose a lot of money. The stock market dropped a lot so my total loss was -$8529.09. It was a fun project that taught me a lot.


Planetarium Field Trip!

Our grade recently took a field trip to the Morehead Planetarium. It was a lot of fun and I learned a lot. It was new because we had not gone on a field trip since 3rd Grade because of Covid-19. It was fun to not really worry about covid during this field trip. It was almost normal. That is what made it so much fun. I learned a lot.

Something fun we did is a chemistry lab, during the lab they showed us liquid nitrogen. They poured it on the floor and it smoked and was really cold. The instructor had to wear special equipment to protect themselves. from the cold, you could freeze yourself by just touching it or your body making contact with it. It was a really fun demonstration.



Book Recommendations!

Boy Nobody by Allen Zadoff is a suspenseful mystery about a boy who was grown into a system where he takes on identities to get close to people in missions to assassinate people. Growing up with this system he has become a trained killer but less human. He does not feel too many emotions and just does his job, but in his next mission emotions start to affect him. He tries to find his original family and gets even closer to people, Starts to doubt the system. What will he do, will he finish the mission or not? Read to find out.

The book that I’m reading right now is Batman Nightwalker by Marie Lu. It is an action mystery that I am super excited about reading, I do not know what will happen because there is always something new happening. I recommend it.

Wisdom Tale Comic


In school recently in Language Arts we have been reading Wisdom Tales. Wisdom Tales are tales from a long time ago and from a lot of different places. These all have morals, always teach me a good lesson.

Everyone in my class got to choose one tale to make a comic. I chose The Boatman, and I had a lot of fun making it. I used Sketchbook as my main drawing platform. It had many brushes and colors, making it easier to make my comic. It was a tool I would recommend. I used Comic Life 3 as my platform to build my comic. It’s different styles of comics, speech bubble and more made it very fun to build this comic. This project was hard but taught me a lot about summaries, morals, and more important life skills.

The 5 Biggest Esports Tournaments

How Do I Get Started In Esports & Competitive Gaming? – Cyber Athletiks

I think that gaming is a big topic and it has its haters and lovers, and pros and cons. For example, a pro is that it is really entertaining. Now something about that and what I want to tell you today is gaming: to the next level. Now it is really entertaining to just mess around and play a game to play a game and there is nothing wrong with that, but some people play games to succeed, make money, and a lot more reasons that you may have no idea about.

One reason people may play video games is for the money, an example about that is the Fortnite World Cup. This was a competitive esports tournament where in a nutshell, you would play Fortnite against other pro Fortnite players and depending on how good you did you would win money. For this tournament, if you won the solo event finals you would take home $3,000,000. The winner of this event was 16-year-old American Kyle Giersdorf, known online as Bugha. Now this is just one example of a esports tournament and not all people play esports for the money some for the experience and other reasons. Now in this tournament there was other events, like the duo tournament which Aqua and Nyhrox, won and split $3,000,000. So this was a pretty big tournament for the Fortnite community and Fortnite.


NA VCT Last Chance Qualifier postponed at least 12 days, will be held online - Dot Esports

Valorant Champions Tour (VCT) is another really big esports tournament held recently. This tournament has been going on and had multiple tournament to qualify and win money but recently the finals have happened and Ascend Esports have won. In valorant Teams have 5 people and a coach and much more people in there.



My Daily Habit!


Lately our 6th grade Language Arts class has took the challenge of planking every day, and every week we added 15 seconds to the time we are going to plank. The beauty of this challenge was because we were doing it every day it gets easier the longer we did it. As time increases I found myself doing very impressive planks; the compound effect is super cool to watch!

We had the opportunity to choose a new daily habit, and after a lot of thinking I chose 25 crunches every morning and night. For this habit, I chose not to add more crunches every set amount of time. I made this decision simply because I chose this habit to add structure and not to get stronger. If I wanted to get stronger I would use the compound effect and increase the amount to make me able to do more crunches at a time.

In conclusion, this project has helped my build my planks up and will help me build up my crunches and structure my day.

Window or Mirror?

In books there are windows and mirrors. Those are just the way that you connect to the book. So a mirror would be like looking at yourself through a book. A window is looking at someone else’s life so  it is different in some bad ways and some good ways, it depends on the person and the book.I recently read a very good book called Peak by Roland Smith. It was a window for me. I love rock climbing, and Peak loves to climb. He especially likes to climb buildings and mountains, not me. I stick to gym climbing though. Peak and I both love and that is why I viewed this book as a mirror for me.

My Survival Backpack

In a recent read of mine, “Finding Someplace” by Denise Lewis Patrick, Hurricane Katrina came on Reece’s birthday. Reesie had to leave and she did not know if she would return, so she had to pack a backpack full of items that she would need to survive. It was tough for Reesie to choose what stuff to pack and not to pack in this bleak situation. I can’t imagine being put in this situation.

But in the situation that I am in Reesie’s situation, here’s what I would do. Here is the food and drinks I would have brought, a water bottle and a water purifier so I could drink tons of clean water which is vital to living. Bubble gum so I can just chew it and blow bubbles to pass time would be the first food item I would bring. Beef jerky will stay fresh for like a week and it has tons of protein so it will fuel me for long days so that is going on my list for sure. M:R:E, meals ready to eat would be great meals because there is no preparation and it’s a meal, so no heat, water, or anything else, just a meal so that would be almost essential. That may not seem like a lot but if I were to properly ration this food I should have enough until I find a place with food for me. In Finding Someplace, Reesie went right to the shelter and didn’t pack nor worry about food much because New Orleans has a lot of hurricanes as a result there are a lot of hurricane shelters. Which means she could go to the nearest one for food and shelter to help her survive and get reconnected with her family.

The rest of my supplies are basic, some factoring to me and some toward survival. A Swiss Army knife, blanket, and a lighter are some hard survival items. That would be helpful because in the worst case I get lost and those would help me survive. A blanket, inflatable pillow, and some clothes are some comfort items that I would find comforting to have through this hard time.. So if I got those shelters or lost they would be helpful to my comfort. A phone, ipad, contact list, and wallet full of all my money are some personal and important items that would come in handy in a lot of situations and are just good to have around. A watch, Deodorant, a toothbrush, and flip flops are just some miscellaneous Items I would bring to just have around. That is what my backpack would look like if I were to be put in this situation.